Principal & Teachers

Vicky Creasy, EsD | Principal

Vicky Creasy



I have earned a Masters in Instructional Technology and a Doctorate in Educational Administration both in blended online and face to face settings. These degrees taught me to work well in the virtual and real worlds while utilizing every second of my valuable time.  I recently attended the ICE conference in Noblesville.  I was reminded that I need to remember my “Why” for entering education.  My “Why” is to serve students and faculty while promoting technology and innovation that drives them forward to their truest potential.  I look forward to joining this team and creating a culture of team-work and dedication to each of our students.

Should you ever need to reach me,I am only an email or a call away. 

Just remember that “We are ISIN!”

Teaching Staff

Corrie Barnett | CTE Instructor

Corrie Barnett

Corrie Barnett/ CTE Instructor/ ISIN, since 2010, Elementary Education K-6 and CTE Health Science Licensure, I have taught 5th and 6th with Hoosier Academy both all virtual and Hybrid for the past 10 years. This year I'm so excited to advance my career with a CTE Health Science Licensure to help inspire our High School Students towards a Career in the Health Care Industry. I love music and travel with my family in a singing gospel trio encouraging families in different communities every weekend.

Aaron Baugh | CTE Instructor

Aaron Baugh

Aaron Baugh, Teacher, CTE – ISIN, since 2019, BS History - Purdue University, 5 Years teaching experience at middle school and high school level in Technical Education and Social Studies, I'm a veteran of the US Air Force and served from 2002-2006.

Heather Baumann | High School English Teacher

Heather Baumann

Heather Baumann, High School English Teacher/Hoosier Academy, since 2019, Secondary English Language Arts with a minor in Literature I have been on this wonderful journey helping students to achieve success in the classroom for 6 years now. I won a trip to Maui through a radio station where I learned why you will never find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (Rainbows are full circles and you can only see that from the air!)

Holly Bowers | Social Studies Teacher

Holly Bowers

Holly Bowers, Social Studies Teacher/ Insight High School, since 2015, Social Sciences, 15 years in Secondary Education, I love to travel.

Vickie Brandenburg | HS Math Teacher

Vickie Brandenburg

Vickie Brandenburg, ISIN HS Math Teacher, since 2016, BS Mathematics Education. Prior to Hoosier, I taught middle school mathematics. I have been teaching since the 2011-2012 school year. I enjoy kayaking!

Crystal Daniels | Teacher

Crystal Daniels

Crystal Daniels, Science teacher ISIN, since 2014, with 17 years teaching.

I am an IU fan.

Brittany Eckhardt | Special Education Teacher

Brittany Eckhardt

Brittany Eckhardt, Special Education Teacher, ISIN HS, since 2017. I hold a Bachelor's in Exceptional Needs K-12 and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.I taught 3 years at Delta Middle School and 6 years at Oak Hill Junior High and High School as a Special Education Teacher. I love watching cooking shows and cooking. My favorite things to cook and eat are Thai and Indian curries.


Carla Gehlhausen | Mathematics Teacher

Carla Gehlhausen

Carla Gehlhausen, Mathematics, since 2019. I have a Bachelors in Accounting and Master's in Education.  I train Paso Fino Horses and dogs.

Angela Gick | HS Math Teacher

Angela Gick

Angela Gick, HS math teacher, since 2016, BS in Mathematic Teaching, MA in Education, MA in Mathematics. I love to quilt.

Lauren Heim | MS, MEd, BS

Lauren Heim

Lauren Heim, Insight, 2019, MS, MEd, BS, since 2011. I have been serving in virtual education, and love it! You may recall me as a virtual high school counselor from Hoosier Academy 2011–2015.

Nicole Helm | Biology MS Chemistry

Nicole Helm

Nicole Helm, middle school and high school science, since 2015. I have a B.A. in Biology and MS Chemistry Education. I like to go on bike rides with my family.

Sara Helmerich | World History teacher

Sara Helmerich

Sara Helmerich, World History teacher ISIN, since 2019, Secondary Education Social Studies for World Comparative (5-12) and Government (5-12), student teaching and observations in Bloomington, IN; student taught in Dublin, Ireland. I am learning how to knit socks and love taking Polaroid pictures.

Steve Hurst | Biology teacher

Steve Hurst

Steve Hurst, Insight High School Biology teacher, since 2012, Master’s degree in Secondary Education, 36 years in public schools as a high school biology teacher, football coach, assistant principal and athletic director. I think Indiana is an awesome state to live in because of the people you meet.

Heather Jenkins | Middle school ELA teacher

Heather Jenkins

Heather Jenkins, Middle school ELA teacher, ISIN, since 2010, Bachelor of Science - Elementary Education and certified to teach middle school ELA, I taught adult education before coming to Hoosier Academy. I have gone sky diving.

Jade Jones | High School Science

Jade Jones

Jade Jones, High School Science, since 2015. I hold a Chemistry Teaching License (Indiana); BS in Chemistry; MS in Chemistry; MA in Secondary Education. Before joining Hoosier Academy in February 2015, I taught in a brick-and-mortar setting for two years. Now in my 7th year of teaching, I've taught Chemistry, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Integrated Chemistry and Physics (ICP), Physics, Biology, and Middle School Science. In my free-time, I enjoy baking/cooking, going to the park with my dog, shopping, and going to [solidcore].

Lindsay Kellow | High School English Teacher

Lindsay Kellow

Lindsay Kellow, High School English Teacher, since 2019, Bachelor of Arts in English Education. I have two different colored eyes - one blue eye and one green eye


Nikki Lynch | Special Education

Nikki Lynch

Nikki Lynch Insight Special Education Certificate of Completion, since 2014, K-6 General education license, K-12 special education license, Developmental Preschool teacher 2008-2014. I like to exercise and garden.

Brian Nash | High School Social Studies Teacher

Brian Nash

Brian Nash, High School Social Studies Teacher, Hoosier & Insight since 2011, Social Studies Education Undergraduate. I was in a TV commercial as a kid.

Amy Olson | 11th Grade ELA

Amy Olson

Amy Olson, 11th Grade ELA at Insight, since 2016, Masters in Secondary Education – English, Junior High ELA teacher in OH. I do Public Relations for March of Dimes, I love to cook... and EAT! I visit no less than five different grocery stores a week getting all our favorite foods!

Lorie Pietz | English teacher

Lorie Pietz

Lorie Pietz, English teacher, Insight School of Indiana, since 2014, Bachelor of Science in Education, Masters’ of Science in Education. I taught 8th grade ELA at Mt. Vernon Middle School for six years. I started with HANS after staying home with my children for several years and after I earned my Master's Degree. This is my fifth year with HANS! I was married on an island (St. Thomas, USVI)!

Susan Pylant | Special Education Teacher

Susan Pylant

Susan Pylant Special Education Teacher ISIN, since 2014, Bachelors in El. Ed, Jr High/ MS Endorsement, Minor Math, Masters in Secondary Ed, Special Education Minor K-12. I have taught Elementary, Middle School Math, High School Algebra, and MS/HS Special Education. I was a Financial Advisor for several years.

John Schellenberg | Business/CTE Teacher

John Schellenberg

John Schellenberg; Business/CTE Teacher, Insight School since 2017, B.S. in Business Administration & Teaching License, 17th year teaching overall; 3rd with Insight. I worked in sales, marketing and management in the "business world" before becoming a teacher, My wife and I have been to four Coldplay concerts and three Earth Wind & Fire concerts; my two favorite bands!

Shannon Skoglund | ELA Interventionist

Shannon Skoglund

Shannon Skoglund, ELA Interventionist / Insight Middle School and High School, since 2017, B.A. in English Secondary Education / M.A. in Literature and Language English Prior experience as a teacher at Sanderson High School, English Instructor at Methodist University.

Connie Smith | CTE Coordinator/Teacher

Connie Smith

Connie Smith, CTE Coordinator/Teacher, Insight School of Indiana, since 2018, M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, B.S. Business Management, 15 years teaching experience, primarily at Indiana Charter Schools, 20 years’ experience as marketing manager in variety of industries. I taught IB business for three years in a Caribbean island, Curacao.

E.J. Swartz | Math Teacher

E.J. Swartz

E.J. Swartz, Math Teacher, Insight School of Indiana, 2013, Masters of Education - Math Education, Worked 10+ years teaching math at Vincennes Lincoln HS (brick & mortar), 1.) I was on the Price is Right - unfortunately, I was not called as a contestant. 2.) I was in all-state choir in high school and minored in music in college. I have also played the drums since age 5. I also play keyboard.

Kathleen Tatone | Special Education Teacher

Kathleen Tatone

Kathleen Tatone, Special Education Teacher, Insight School of Indiana, since 2014, Masters Special Education, Bachelor of Science Agricultural Business. I've been a technical recruiter, massage therapist and a teacher. I've been teaching for the past 14 years, this is my sixth year with Hoosier/ISIN. My previous experiences has helped me a lot with our student population, I feel it brings a different perspective to the table. I am from California (not native to Indiana), I lived in Las Vegas for 11 years before moving to Indiana, I teach for VIPKid, and I LOVE BASEBALL!

Matthew Temple | Social Studies Teacher

Matthew Temple

Matthew Temple, Social Studies Teacher, Hoosier ISIN, since 2017, BA History with teacher certification, 10 years teaching experience. I am an award winning miniatures painter.

Laurie Thompson | Math Interventionist

Laurie Thompson

Laurie Thompson, Middle School Special Education. I have a B.A. in Elementary Education and Learning Disabilities. I'm currently taking classes to get my MS/HS Math teaching license.  I like playing games, and reading fantasy novels.

Berry Wells | Health & P.E Teacher

Berry Wells

Berry Wells, Health & P.E Teacher Insight School, since 2014, BS in Elementary Ed, MS Library & Information Science/Certified as Media Specialist, Driver Education, P.E, Health & A.C.E Personal Trainer. Before coming to Hoosier, I taught all levels of elementary school as a general education teacher and a reading specialist/interventionist around central Indiana. I love obstacle courses, hiking, axe/knife throwing and pretty much anything that is outdoorsy and challenging. I have a life goal of hiking the Appalachian Trail and the Machu Picchu Trail one day.

Ryan White | Middle School Math Teacher

Ryan White

Ryan White, Middle School Math Teacher, Insight School of Indiana, since 2016, B.A. in Elementary Education, working towards M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on Math Education, licensed Elementary Generalist (K-6), Reading Specialist, Middle School Math. Four years of teaching experience in elementary education, especially fifth grade, and middle school math intervention prior to joining Hoosier Academies in 2016. I'm a big fan of table top roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. I also love to read, camp, and travel.

Annie Wickersham | Special Education Teacher & Department Lead

Annie Wickersham

Annie Wickersham, Insight High School Special Education Teacher & Department Lead, since 2012, Bachelor of Science in Education - Special Education, Mild Interventions Before coming to Hoosier Academies, I taught 6 years at Options Charter School in Noblesville, IN. I love to incorporate music in my classes and often speak in song lyrics.

Elizabeth Williams | English Instructor

Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams, English Instructor, Insight High School, since 2016, Special Education- highly qualified in reading and middle/high school English, 3 years high school special education teaching English classes, math labs, business math, and resources. I waited on Vince Gill back in my waitress days.