Advisors, Counselors and Grad Support

ISIN Advisors

Natalie Berry | Student Support Advisor

Natalie Berry

Natalie Berry, Student Support Advisor, since 2019. I have a M.Ed. Elementary Education; B.A. Sociology. I am an Academic Advisor in higher education, Special Education Teacher, English Language Learners Instructional Assistant. I have a large extended family. I have over 25 aunts and uncles and too many cousins to count!

Chelsea Cosgray | Advisor

Chelsea Cosgray

Chelsea Cosgray, Advisor, ISIN, since 2019, Bachelors in Psychology. I worked in the mental health and developmentally challenged in education for 7 years prior to this. Since October of 2018, I have gotten married and had a baby and I’m pregnant again, due in April of 2020. :)

Laura Johnson | Student Support Advisor

Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson, Student Support Advisor, ISIN, since 2016, Masters in Student Development Counseling and Administration. My past experiences include working in higher education and child welfare. My favorite TV show is Seinfeld.

Antoine Lewis | Student Services (Family) Advisor

Antoine Lewis

Antoine Lewis, Student Services (Family) Advisor, ISIN, since 2014, Masters in Education & Business, Advisor, Counselor, College Professor. I played basketball in college.

Ellie Lough | Advisor

Ellie Lough

Ellie Lough, Advisor since 2019. I have a B.S. in Business Management, with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Human Resources. I am in a Master’s program to become a School Counselor. I will graduate in December of 2020.

Kristen Rhoton | Support Advisor/Insight

Kristen Rhoton

Kristen Rhoton, Support Advisor/Insight, since 2013, Bachelors of Science. I taught 3rd grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade science. I love to surf on Lake Cumberland.

Danyette Smith | Student Academic Advisor

Danyette Smith

Danyette Smith, Student Academic Advisor, ISIN, since 2015. I have an Associate in Business Management, Bachelor in Human Service (Child and Family Welfare). I have been working with children and families for over 10yrs as a Child Advocate. Currently the founder of a nonprofit bringing awareness, prevention, and education to teens and families all across the state of Indiana. I'm probably the most quite in the room but can get folks to smile the biggest.

Kori Williamson | Student Resource Coordinator

Kori Williamson

Kori Williamson, Student Resource Coordinator, Student Support Services Team, ISIN, since 2019, MSW (Social Work) from IU, and BA in Psychology from IU, 5 years as a school social worker, school-based therapist, and social worker in public schools & First Steps. I LOVE animals and have fostered over 30 neonatal (bottle-fed kittens). I have 2 beautiful cats of my own and a flock of 6 lovely hens in my urban backyard.

ISIN Counselors

Jimmie L. Ellison | Jr. School Counselor

Jimmie L. Ellison

Jimmie L. Ellison Jr. School Counselor 7/8 Middle School ISIN, K-8 Hybrid, since 2017, Indiana School Counselor License, I spent 8 years before Hoosier working with youth in the juvenile justice system. I have worked at 3 residential facilities throughout the Central Indiana. I have skills as a therapist doing Individual Therapy, Family and group therapy. I have 3 current Christian Hip Hop albums on various online stores and I am currently a certified Minister.

Jessica Griggs | Lead and 11th Grade Counselor

Jessica Griggs

Jessica Griggs, Lead and 11th Grade Counselor Insight School of Indiana, since 2015, B.S. Psychology, M.S. School Counseling, MBA HR Management, 10 years as Lead HS Counselor at Brick and Mortar School, MS Experience practicum Internship, Worked for Kelly Educational Staffing for School Subs, I was never interested in HS counseling, completed my Internship and practicum at an elementary and middle school. However, my first long-term, -full-time position was as a lead and only counselor at a high school. I have LOVED HS since so, it was meant to be. I am also a CASA in my county of residence.

Kristen Heckber | School Counselor

Kristen Heckber

Kristen Heckber, School Counselor, Insight, since 2014, Bachelors Secondary Education/Masters School Counseling, Teaching Math grades 9-12, School Counselor, I don't have a middle name.

Annie Noltemeyer | School Counselor

Annie Noltemeyer

Annie Noltemeyer, School Counselor 9th (M-Z) and 10th/ Insight School of Indiana, since 2016, Masters of Education- School Counseling, I lived in Germany working on a US Military base.

ISIN Graduation Support

Kami Hyde | Graduation Coach

Kami Hyde

Kami Hyde, Graduation Coach Insight School of Indiana, since 2019, Purdue University-BS in Agriculture, Indiana University, Bloomington-BS Applied Health Science, with emphasis in Education, Indiana Wesleyan-MS Student Development, Counseling and Administration, National Career Pathway Network-Career Pathway Leadership Certification. This is my 19th year in Education. I was an Agriculture teacher, before becoming an instructor at a Career and Technical Education Center for 12 years. At the career center I was an instructor, before moving into the role of Director of Student Services. After leaving the Career Center I was a High School Counselor, and finally moving into my role as the Graduation Coach for Insight School. We live on a small hobby farm with miniature goats, donkey and horses.

Lynn McCoy | Graduation Coach

Lynn McCoy

Lynn McCoy, Graduation Coach, ISIN and Hoosier, since 2008, Bachelor of Science Elementary Education, Masters in Education, Taught 1st-6th grade, middle school, and was an advisor for Middle School. I have 3 boys currently in 3 different colleges.